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I can help you save a ton of money by leaving the Cloud

Last update: 20 Mar, 2024

cloud-out.com: Stop burning money on the Cloud

The Cloud came with big promises: cost tailored to usage, scalability, simplified operations and improved developer productivity. Underlying it all was also the assumption that hardware was not improving anymore and the complexity could only be managed by the big boys.

A few years later, we have companies paying huge, ever-growing bills, with their operations team focused on keeping costs down and a vendor lock-in that makes it unthinkable to move out.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

Hardware has improved a lot. A couple of big servers today can do the work of hundreds of servers a decade ago. The rock-solid open-source software that powers the Cloud is available to everyone.

In my last company, we saved 95% of our Cloud bill by moving the heaviest workloads to rented dedicated servers. And we are not alone.

Are you tired of burning money on the Cloud? Book a call and let's talk.