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Last update: 20 Mar, 2024

Quick bio

I've been a professional developer for 15+ years, I've got a Ph.D. in bioinformatics and machine learning, I've been a cofounder of a start-up, I've coded whole systems from scratch, and I've led teams of engineers.

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Longer bio

I started programming at age 14. First, I used BASIC on a Casio calculator but soon transitioned to Visual Basic 6, PHP and then C++. I got a double degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at UPC - BarcelonaTech, and participated in competitive programming contests, where I won a few prizes.

Right after college, I got my first startup job, at Talaia Networks, where I was employee #1. The most interesting things I remember from that time are writing a whole web app from scratch with Django, doing some cool dynamic plots with d3.js, and implementing a high-performance data store in C using leveldb. But what ended up being more important, I met Josep, who would become my cofounder later on.

After that, I changed gears and started a PhD in bioinformatics and machine learning at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. There I built a protein mutations pathology predictor and published a quite successful paper, among many other things.

For the last 5 years, I've been a cofounder and director of software engineering at Iomob, growing and leading a team from 0 to 15+ developers. There I've learned what it takes to build a product from scratch, how to manage a team, how software engineering works and how it relates to business needs.

Currently, I'm working as a software engineer at CuresDev, where I'm building a platform to help people and institutions share rare-disease patient data.